KRTY Radio: I Can Sleep When I'm Dead!

Yes, I am still alive! And yes, this blog still exists! Since writing herelast, I have practiced on KRTY a few more times and forgot to let y'all know here. Apologies for that. Some of you were listening, requesting songs and staying up past your bedtimes, and for that I thank you!

While staying up past most people's bedtime and practicing the skills of  a radio DJ are fun and exciting, I must take a break from those activities to focus on some other things in life, such as paying the bills. I know, I know, that sounds really old and boring and "I can sleep when I'm dead." Some of the things that will be getting more of my attention are CPR classes in San Jose and (where a new site will soon exist).

Before anyone gets any ideas, I'm still with KRTY in event marketing and social media, and there will hopefully be some new and exciting things in that arena, but for now, I am taking a break from learning to be a radio DJ. I am eternally grateful to our Program Director for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in my radio career.

My hope is that you stick with me on this blog and hear some other tales of intrigue and mystery...or at least some good country fun!

Have a great Sunday afternoon and go 49ers! :)