Frequently Asked Questions

On this page are answers to some common questions.

+ What services does Adam the Dancing Cowboy provide?

+ Where can I find your public events?

+ Do you DJ destination weddings?

+ When do you teach line dancing at Rodeo Club? What Lessons will be taught?

+ What is appropriate footwear for line dancing?

  • Although boots with leather soles are the best option, any leather soled shoe will work. We don't recommend tennis shoes as they can cause knee injury during the turns.

+ What are some Do's & Don'ts when going to a Country Bar?


  • Have fun!
  • Go to lessons if you're a beginner.
  • Wear close-toed shoes.
  • Dance side/alternative dances off to the side of the main floor.
  • Be Friendly! Ask others to dance and accept requests to dance.
  • Always thank your partner for the dance.
  • Be polite if you request a song from the DJ. (my favorite!)


  • Hold any drinks while dancing.
  • Do any aerial stunts while swing dancing at Rodeo Club (legal reasons)
  • Stand on the dance floor when you're not dancing. Move to the side please.
  • Dance in the front line unless you know the dance.
  • Dance a different dance other than what the DJ calls on the main floor.

+ What is Rodeo Club?

  • The Rodeo Club is a night club in San Jose. It hosts country concerts on an infrequent basis, so we recommend you bookmark our calendar and sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of show dates and what lessons will be taught.

+ Where can I learn more dances?

  • We always encourage learning more line dances! You can visit CopperKnob (the official line dance step sheet website), check out some YouTube videos, or go to different line dancing clubs to learn more dances. Just be aware that you might end up learning a different dance than is done at Rodeo Club.

This page was inspired by the Cal Poly Line Dance Club’s FAQ. Thanks guys & gals!