Country Axis in Santa Clara - CLOSED

I want to THANK everyone who came out to support the Grand Opening and the following Thursday nights that we taught lessons and DJed at Country Axis! Unfortunately, after only a little over a month, they decided to cancel Country Axis Thursday nights. It takes quite a few bodies coming in the door to keep a club of that size open on a weekly basis, and the numbers just didn't support a Thursday country night during their opening month. Quite a few factors go into that including other closely timed country events, but I want to thank each of you who did come out to dance, to have fun and to support country in the South Bay.

At some point in the future, they might come back with another plan for country, but for now they are discontinuing Country Axis on Thursday nights.

Country Axis in Santa Clara - Grand Opening!

Country Axis in Santa Clara, CA
Country Axis in Santa Clara, CA

SANTA CLARA, CA - Thursday March 21st is the Grand Opening of Country Axis at Club Axis in Santa Clara! This is going to be the ONLY 18+ Country night club in the Bay Area! Randy Jones will be hosting the night & I'm going to be DJ'ing with DJ Anthony and teaching line dance lessons (lessons start at 7:30p). Cover is only $5 for 21+ and $10 for 18+. March Madness will be on the TV's for those basketball fans who don't want to miss that action. There is a restaurant inside too!

Right next to Embassy Suites, you can find a place to stay just a walk across the parking lot. No shuttle needed.

Country Axis will be EVERY Thursday and we would love to have you come and and join us for a FUN time!