50th Birthday Party in San Francisco, CA

50th Birthday Buffet Spread Last night I DJ'ed and taught line dance lessons at a 50th birthday party in San Francisco, CA!

They started the evening out with an amazing spread from a local catering service and I played some country music in the background.

After dinner we provided some fun & easy line dance lessons and then played Top 40 and 70's by request.

These people surprisingly had some stamina and danced the night away!

Do you know anyone having a country themed birthday coming up soon? Send em our way!

National Kiss & Makeup Day... AND Tues 8/31 On Air!

National Kiss & Make Up Day!Hello Friends! Happy "National Kiss & Make Up Day!" I don't know how you get a national day commemorating the use of PDA to make up for being dumb, but hey, they have days celebrating less enjoyable activities! On another note, it's also my birthday...yes, happy birthday to me!

And on a third note, please stay up late on 8/31 and tune in to 95.3 KRTY when the clock strikes midnight. That's when I'll be on the radio next!

See you at the Randy Houser & Stealing Angels show tomorrow night if you're going, and lets have a shot at Kevin's bar! Rodeo Club 610 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA