What Direction Do I Face For Line Dances?

What direction do i face?
What direction do i face?

People just starting off with line dancing have tons of questions. This is the first in a serious of dance floor etiquette posts. So what direction do I face for line dances? Well, the answer to that is not so easy. But, thankfully there are usually only three options and almost all dances face off facing the audience or side of the bar where most of those not dancing are sitting or standing. After the start there are those three options for how many walls the dance restarts facing.

  1. Four Wall Dance - This is the most common type and the dance usually restarts 1/4 turn and you end up facing each wall at least once, hence the 4 wall dance name.
  2. Two Wall Dance - This is the next common and you start facing the audience and then after finishing the sequence of steps, you end up facing away from the audience. Each start begins 180 degrees from the previous.
  3. One Wall Dance - There are very few line dances that only face one wall after each set of steps is finished.

Really, all the matters in line dancing is that you're having fun while respecting those around you. So, if you forget a turn, no worries! Just get facing the same way as everyone else and begin with the next step that you recognize. Happy dancing!

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