Dance Floor Etiquette

Line Dancing Etiquette
Line Dancing Etiquette

When you go line dancing, you see all these people on the dance floor and everyone seems to know what dance to do, what direction to face and where to stand on the dance floor. How does that happen? Other than taking dance lessons for specific dances, there is actually a loose set of rules that helps prevent chaos, and to be honest sometimes fights, on the dance floor. In the next few weeks, I will go into some of the dance etiquette that makes country line dancing easy and fun to do wherever you go! We will talk about:

  1. What direction do I face for line dances?
  2. What if more than one dance is happening at the same time?
  3. What direction do we face for couples dances?
  4. Drinks on the dance floor.
  5. What line dance do we do to a particular song?

These are just a few parts of Country Dance Etiquette and I hope you stay with me to learn about each one.

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