New Year's Eve Western Dance - San Martin, CA

New Years Eve Western Dance - San Martin, CA
New Years Eve Western Dance - San Martin, CA

This year on New Year's Eve 2013/2014 the San Martin Lions Club will be holding a Western Dance they have dubbed the, "NYE Cowboy Ball!" Their will be LIVE music to dance to by The Wild West Show. Put on your boots and BYOBooze, as they will be providing coffee and water for the duration of the night.

They say to eat dinner FIRST, and come out for a night of dancing since doors open at 7pm.

Late night breakfast will be served just after ringing in the New Year at midnight.

Entertainment: The Wild West Show Location: 12415 Murphy Ave, San Martin, CA Time: 7pm to ??? Drinks: BYOBooze, free coffee & water all night.

Tickets are available at Rocca's Market in San Martin or at $35 in advance (until December 29) or $45 at the door.

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