Testimonies About Private Lessons w/ Adam!

"Lessons with Adam were a ton of fun. It was nice to have one-on-one attention which you don't get with the group lessons; though I'm sure he'd be great in a group situation too. He teaches country line and couples dances, so you get your pick. He's friendly, helpful and his availability is pretty flexible."

Joan R.
San Jose, CA
December 2007

When I needed basic country dancing lessons so I'd not be embarrassed to get 'off my duff' and on the dance floor with my wife and daughter, I called Adam. It's true that beer has been making white men dance for thousands of years, but not drinking denied me the magic elixir to make me forget I did not know how to dance! Adam was great taking me from not knowing the first thing about dancing through the two-step in a single lesson, an accomplishment for us both. He was great in explaining the basic steps, having me practice, then dancing with a partner and the whole time I never felt uncomfortable or spastic. If The Dancing Cowboy can get a 50+ year old guy on the dance floor, he can teach anybody who wants to learn

San Jose, CA
April 2007