Line Dancing - Google in Mountain View, Graduation Parties, Wedding Rehearsals, College Parties and other BBQ's

This summer, we taught line dancing at many events in the Bay Area and I did not get a chance to post about them, so here are highlights from some of them.

Google - Mountain View, CA

Debbie and Amelia at Google were great! They had a BBQ at lunch to appreciate their hardworking employees on a Friday in June and it was a lot of fun! The catered BBQ by Armadillo Willy's was tasty as well. Google sure has a fun culture!

Line Dancing at Google!
Line Dancing at Google!

Graduation Party

In late June, we taught line dancing at a graduation party in Saratoga, CA. This was another fun event. His family and friends got out to line dance and all ages had fun! The family put on a small talent show and it was clear that this young man will go far!

Wedding Rehearsal

This event was held at a private ranch and from the picture, you can tell these guys did not want to line dance!

Line Dancing - Bulls
Line Dancing - Bulls

The people at the party did, however, and there were about 40 people tearing it up after our lessons. Local Bay Area favorite, The Bell Brothers were at this event providing live music and kept the party going too! It was great working with you guys!

The Bell Brothers
The Bell Brothers

College Party

At a local university, we provided line dance lessons for a group of fun loving college students. These groups usually have a high percentage of people who want to learn, and this one was no different! College students learn fast a love to learn as many dances as they can. Great job to everyone who was there!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made this Summer fun and filled with line dancing!

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